When and why does a car need an auto service?

Auto repair services are to be done on a regular basis so as to maintain the proper functioning of the car. Now the question is when and why a car does require this auto service and repair works. The answer to this question is quite simple; there are certain things which are required to be checked on a regular basis. Every car comes with a user manual and it is quite necessary for the owner to go through it to understand various things about it, such as which kind of auto service will the car require and after how many miles, which fuel type is best for the car, etc. Inspecting the car regularly by yourself or getting it checked by the mechanic can help you trace when you should take your car to an auto service center. Now you must be wondering that why is necessary to get the car serviced at regular intervals and also why to spend money so often on the car. So, let me tell you that it is always good to spend a small amount of money on your vehicle regularly rather than spending a huge amount at one go. A regularly maintained and serviced car is better to drive in terms of safety and comfort. Ignoring maintenance can lead to problems in some parts of the car or in the entire system. Not taking routine maintenance of the car seriously can make the warranties invalid.

How to choose a good auto service center?

Choosing a good auto service center is quite important to take better care of your car. Good auto service centers have well-trained mechanics that perfectly handle and service your car and high-end machines required to scan the car and catch problems in it which need to be resolved. There are three things which can lead you to a good auto service and repair center. These are:

  1. Get suggestions from friends and family and the people you know well and whom you trust. It is better to look for the best centers for car repair either online or by physically visiting the places. This will prevent you from taking the last minute decisions and thereby ending up in a not so good repair shop.
  2. Make sure that the auto service center is licensed and registered. It will be the icing on the cake if you get to know if the customers who got their car serviced by that particular center are happy and satisfied or not.
  3. Go through the list of cars a particular service center specializes in. So that it is easy for you to shortlist the right place for your car.

When & Why does a car need an auto service- Dynamic Performance Auto

Some common problems and what are their indications

  1. Wheels when not aligned properly

  • Difficulty in making the car move in a straight line. The car either starts pulling itself towards the right or left.
  1. Car shockers

  • Noticeable shaking or vibration of the tires when the car hits a bump.
  • More bouncy rides
  1. Brakes

  • A force is felt on one side when the brakes are applied
  • The brake pedal sinks down and becomes loose
  • A grounding sound is heard or felt while or when brakes are applied.
  1. Engine

  • The problem in-car acceleration
  • The problem when starting the engine
  • Increased oil consumption
  1. Transmission

  • On acceleration, the engine speeds up but there is no response from the vehicle.
  • Problem with the gears like delayed gear shifting process.

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