The Top 6 Tips For Your Mercedes Benz Service

Proud owner of a Mercedes-Benz? A luxury automobile that is known for its quality, beauty, dependability, and notoriety. With all the care that goes into building a Mercedes-Benz, your vehicle expects the same type of care to best suit your driving needs. Here are 6 tips for your Mercedes Benz service to keep it in top shape.

  1. Checking the Oil

    Park your vehicle on a level surface. The motor should be at the normal operating temperature and then turned off for five minutes prior to checking the oil. The engine should be close to operating temperature after 30 minutes of driving. This gives the engine oil time to heat up and disperse. Pull the oil dipstick out of the dipstick tube. Wipe the oil off the dipstick. Steadily slide oil dipstick into the guide tube to the stop, and take it out yet again. If the level is between MIN stamp and the MAX check; the oil level is correct. Checking the oil level on the G65 AMG® is done automatically via the onboard computer.mercedes benz service - manhattan beach CA

  2. Upkeep and Checking of the Cooling System

    A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water keeps the cooling system working properly and prevents corrosion. Checking the coolant level is extremely important. To check the coolant level the vehicle should be on a level surface and the engine should be cool. In a Mercedes-Benz, the best way to check the coolant temperature is to turn the Smart Key to position 2 in the ignition and check the coolant temperature on the instrument cluster. The coolant temperature must be beneath 158 degrees F [70 C] in order to open the pressure cap. Slowly turn the coolant pressure cap counterclockwise (this allows any pressure or steam still in the system to escape safely) then add coolant as needed.

  3. Keep it clean

    While washing the outside of the vehicle is self-evident, almost everything the vehicle drives over can become stuck to the underside of the vehicle. Hosing off winter’s road grime and deposits is a great habit to get into. Ignoring the issue or thinking “What’s the point? It’s the underside of the vehicle it is always dirty.”  will start the process of allowing corrosion and rot to take root.

  4. The other side of the driving equation is braking

    We’ve discussed the best ways to keep your vehicle moving forward, now let’s talk about keeping your vehicle a safe distance from others. Check your brake fluid level regularly, listen for any strange sounds when you apply the brakes, and feel for any pulling when the brakes are applied.

  5. Check and keep a proper tire pressure

    Think about this for a moment, as large as your vehicle is, the area of contact on the pavement is around two (2) square feet. Only the base of the tires, at any given time, give you starting, stopping and maneuvering power. Give them the best possible performance, by making sure that all the tires on the vehicle are inflated to manufacturer’s specifications.

  6. Consult a certified Mercedes Benz mechanic

    This is the most important point because it guarantees the top performance of your luxury vehicle. Consulting a certified Mercedes Benz repair shop gives you a piece of mind that your vehicle is in good hands. Always go for the best quality Mercedes Benz mechanic because a small investment can net you a high R.O.I.

All things considered, in the event that you buy or own a Mercedes-Benz, its dependability can be extended drastically by following these simple tips. If you are looking for someone to service your Mercedes-Benz or are searching for a specialist that does Mercedes Benz Auto Repair, look no further but Dynamic Performance Auto for tips from the specialists!

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