Things Included In an Auto Maintenance Program of Auto Service Centers

Regular maintenance of your car is very essential especially if you do not believe in replacing it with a new one soon. Improper maintenance of your cars results in serious problems which may end up eating a large amount of your wallet money in heavy repairs. By regularly getting auto service and repair, you will be able to mitigate serious issues in the future and improve the driving and efficiency of your car. These inspections include checking your car oil, balancing steering wheel and tires, cleaning or replacing essential parts, checking the battery condition and cleaning of the air filter. Most of the car owners neglect auto service and repair due to ignorance and lack of awareness. Some are too lazy to take out their time to get their car repaired in auto service centers. Maintaining a car is not as difficult for the drivers as compared to individual owners and the former have basic knowledge regarding its working. However, anyone can learn the basics by properly reading about their car online or going through the manual provided with the car.

List of auto service and repair activities:

1. Checking and changing of car fluids:

The car fluids need to be regularly checked and replaced when needed. Fluids are the lifeblood of your car. They ensure that your cars do not wear out due to friction. They are also responsible for the smooth and noiseless running of your car. Common car fluids include engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, radiator coolant, clutch fluid, automatic transmission fluid, battery fluid, power steering fluid, etc. You must have basic knowledge about all these fluids so that you can yourself check them regularly.

2. Inspection and alignment of tires:

Whenever you go for long drives, always remember to check the pressure of tires. You can always take your car to a gasoline station where they have a provision for checking the pressure. If the pressures are not correct, it may affect your car’s wheel and tire alignment. In order to extend the life of your tires, you can get them regularly rotated for even wear and tear.

3. Cleaning or replacing car wipers:

A clear view is the most important part of driving. It not only ensures that you can see clearly what is coming your way but is also soothing for your eyes. If your wipers are worn out or out of their place, they won’t be able to clean the water properly and also develop scratches on your windscreen. Whenever you feel that the water is not wiped properly, immediately consider your wipers to be repaired or changed.

4. Cleaning or changing of engine air filter:

Just think of your car’s engine filter analogous to your lungs. If they are clogged up or filled with dust, they will transfer dirty air into your car’s engine thereby mitigating its performance. These filters are easy to change, and if you have a little bit of expertise, you can do it on your own and save service charges. You can look into your car’s manual for step by step guidelines.

5. Checking battery condition:

You must keep track of your battery condition as it is the most essential part of your car. If anything happens to the car’s battery, it will instantly stop on the spot. You need to keep a track of how long you have been using the battery, check whether there is any corrosion on the battery terminals and ensure that the fluid levels are above the critical limit. Be very careful while handling the battery as it contains acids which can harm your skin.

 Things Included In an Auto Maintenance Program of Auto Service Centers

Things the car owner can check after an auto service and maintenance :

  1. The work order or job sheet
  2. Complete itemized bill
  3. Engine oil or transmission oil
  4. Coolant and brake fluid
  5. Belongings and tool kit
  6. Fuel level
  7. Odometer reading
  8. Tire condition and balance of the wheel
  9. Air filter
  10. Proper road test

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