Things a Complete Auto Service Include

Treat your car like your own body is appreciate that it too demands regular check-up and maintenance. Just like a doctor can sense a problem in your body by looking at the symptoms, the car mechanic can also detect possible damages and repair works by inspecting your car or taking a test drive. If you are not sure what kind of auto repair services your car needs, just go through the manual that has been provided to you when you purchased your car. You can always find the list of all the services in the manufactures checklist or you can ask your service provider for the same. These services include maintenance or repair of following parts including oil and oil filter, coolant, brake oil, power steering fluid, suspension, shockers, wheel alignment, windscreen wipers, lights, charging systems, exhaust, battery, and tires. Make sure that you avail free services and warranties that are provided with the car. These free services include basic or interim check-ups, oil and filter change, full/major maintenance and manufacturer’s service. Many parts come with a warranty for damages or fault. Make sure that you ask your company to provide one in case any part gets damaged within the warranty period.


How auto service and repair can increase your car’s life?

If you wish that your car does not trouble you much during its entire lifetime, then make sure that you regularly get it services and repairs. Auto service and repair increase the longevity of your vehicle. There is a very common saying that “prevention is better than cure”. You may have to spend some amount of money in getting your car maintained, but it will save a lot of your wallet money that you might need to spend in case of a big repair which may occur due to negligence on your part. Most of the people procrastinate the maintenance of their car as they feel that since the car is in running condition, it does not need any kind of service. But you may not know that some problem has started to occur which may come into your knowledge when the damage has reached beyond control. There are some places which have laws regarding the maintenance of your car and if you fail to do so, you may be charged penalty. Properly kept cars are also environment-friendly as they are efficient in running, cause less pollution and consume less amount of fuel.


Why reading the owner’s manual is essential for the car owner?

Your cars manual might not be an interest as a novel by Dan Brown or J.K. Rowling, but it will do a lot good even if you give it a cursory look. It will have all the required information on auto service and repair that you would need regarding your car’s maintenance. It will also let you know how you can increase the life of your car and other parts which will further reduce your repair frequency.

Things a Complete Auto Service Include

Importance of regular scheduled car servicing

 Almost all the companies emphasize strongly on getting your car inspected and repaired regularly especially when it is scheduled. Most of these regular services include changing your oil and oil filter, cleaning and replacing spark plugs, changing disc brakes and brake oil, wheel, and tire alignment, etc. Scheduled servicing helps you ensure that genuine parts are being installed in your car by experts who long years of experience. Moreover, these services are recorded in your car repair history which would be advantageous for you during negotiations when you decide to sell it to a potential buyer.


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