Save cost on a Mercedes Benz Auto Repair

Save cost on a Mercedes Benz Auto Repair

Mercedes Benz has been the most celebrated German auto brand in the luxury segment for over a century. People dream of buying a Mercedes as it represents the class, luxury, and power. These mechanical marvels not only cost a fortune but you also have to empty your pockets while getting your Mercedes Benz service repairs. The normal service costs can go up to 5000$ for general service schedule. Also, the parts are very costly; if any unwanted breakdown occurs it will certainly put a dent in your budget. One must take care of their Mercedes or risk expensive repair bills. So the question arises how to save your money on your car’s maintenance and also keep that engine purring.

The more you know about your vehicle the easier it will be for you to save on costs. You cannot just skip things to save money as it can prove to be expensive in the long run.

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Essential Points for a Mercedes Benz Auto Repair

There are a few basic points to keep in mind when taking your Mercedes Benz in for service:

  • Never ignore your cars service schedules.
  • If your engine check light comes on, don’t ignore it. Just because your car is running fine doesn’t mean you should not worry about the engine light warning.
  • Always service your car through authorized service centers as they have certified mechanics and genuine parts.
  • Always service your car as per the schedule instructions, as every service schedule has a different set of tasks to be performed. You should know about Mercedes Benz Flexible Service System (FSS) which will make it easier to service a Mercedes.
  • Mercedes Benz service quotation is made up of two parts: Routine Maintenance and Recommended Additional Items.
  • Routine Maintenance includes a full maintenance check plus the schedule service of that particular interval i.e. Mercedes Service A or Mercedes Service B.
  • Recommended Additional Items are determined by the vehicles age and mileage. These items should be changed as it may cause stress on other parts.


One of most effective ways to save money on your Mercedes is by performing preventive maintenance. One should not confuse service schedules and preventive maintenance. Although servicing your vehicle is one of the preventive maintenance procedures.  There are many more techniques and procedures that comprise preventive maintenance. It is basically performed to avoid unwanted vehicle breakdowns. It assists to maximize the operating life of components while minimizing the cost of breakdowns. Here are a few points that will help in the preventive maintenance of your Car:

  1. Mercedes Benz has state of the art electronics installed on them. They are very sensitive when it comes to battery voltage. The battery is one of the most important components in your car. If the batteries are more than 5 years old, you should consider changing them. Your car might start in the morning but the old battery might be affecting the electronics in your car. You can save some money by buying a replacement battery online for a lot less than you would at a dealer.
  2. Know what oil and filter to use. Mercedes Benz cars have 10,000-mile oil and filter change intervals. They use Mobil1 0W40 engine oil and Fleece oil filter. If you are doing 10,000-mile oil and filter changes but using oils that are not designed to protect your engine that long. Then engine sludge builds up and premature wear could occur.
  3. Always check the fluid levels in your car. For that, you should know what fluids are present in your car, for example, engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid etc. Top up the fluid whenever you find the level below the fill mark.
  4. Mercedes Benz car keys are very expensive to replace. The cost of replacement keys can range from 300$ to 500$. It is recommended to place a protective case on your key fob. You will find lots of Silicone Smart Key fob covers for Mercedes-Benz on Amazon.
  5. Always check for leaks under your car. There are many hoses and pipes exposed that tend to wear out and leak. Always keep an eye out for them. If you didn’t notice a coolant leak and it drained that could lead to Engine heat up, piston seizing, head cracking, or block cracking if you drove the car.
  6. Tires can be very expensive. Always drive your car at recommended tire pressure as it helps to avoid premature wear and tear. Perform wheel alignment and balancing checks at regular intervals.

Save Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Cost - Blog-Dynamic Performance Auto


Mercedes Benz cars are a state of the art machines. They need care. The way you drive your car will determine its life. Each and every part of your car comes with a shelf life after which it needs to be replaced. But depending on your driving skills these parts can fail prematurely and you will have to visit a Mercedes Benz service center often or if you follow below-mentioned points they may work for a longer period. Here are some of the ways by which your driving can save money on your Mercedes Benz service repair:

  • Never rev the car when you first turn it on. It helps to avoid the unwanted wear and tear of the piston liners and rings. Let the engine oil slowly lubricate the pistons and allow the turbochargers to warm up.
  • Do not go hard on the accelerator. It could save you a few bucks on gas.
  • Never put your car in neutral at a stop light as it won’t save fuel but it could take a toll on your transmission.
  • Make sure you come to a complete stop before going from drive to reverse or vice versa. Otherwise, the transmission stops the vehicle instead of the brakes.
  • Idle your engine for a minute before turning it off. This allows the turbocharger additional time to cool down as it takes longer to cool down compared to the engine.
  • Do not ignore your Handbrakes. Simply leaving your car in “Park” puts a lot of pressure on one part; a little metal pin called the “Parking pawl”.
  • Be gentle on the brakes. Some people have a habit of driving bumper to bumper and they are always stomping on the brakes which leads to untimely wear and tear.

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