Why should you go for Classic BMW service regularly?

Why should you go for Classic BMW service regularly?

How often should I go for classic BMW service? That’s a question all the BMW owners are often asked and Dynamic Performance Auto are always pleased to advise you on any of your BMW service intervals and maintenance requirements.

Your BMW is a highly specialized machine that requires regular service to maintain its performance and reliability. When you have your BMW serviced at Dynamic Performance Auto, you can be assured that our technicians have all been expertly trained, we only use the best parts, we have all the tools and equipment required for your specific classic BMW model and we have access to all the most current BMW technical data and software upgrades. Before 2003 it was possible that your manufacturer could invalidate your warranty if you were not taking your car to the main dealership for the servicing. Now due to sensible legislation, you can fulfill all your servicing needs without having any fear of damaging cars the warranty of your car. You can get a very high-quality BMW service at Dynamic Performance Auto and we are able to offer the full range of standard and manufacturer recommended servicing.
Gone are the days when you had to remember to get your car serviced and try to work out what service you should have done. BMW’s have either a Condition Based Servicing (CBS) system or a Service Interval Indicator (SII). When either of these systems shows your BMW needs service, you can contact us for your Classic BMW service.

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1. Condition Based Servicing:

  • Monitors components for wear
  • Icon displays on your dashboard when servicing required
  • Service data stored in your key
  • Spire service technicians read the key and carry out only the work required
  • Enables services to be tailored to your driving style, environment, and usage

2. Service Interval Indicator:

  • Monitors mileage
  • Monitors time since the last service
  • Dashboard icons show when servicing is required
  • Dashboard icons show service type required
  • Means you never miss a service and you always know which service is due

A Classic BMW service will help keep your car in good working order and it will also mean any larger issues can be spotted early and fixed before you suffer a breakdown while out on the road. Breaking
down can be dangerous due to the fact that a car can become hard to control and your life might be in danger. A cheap service is not likely to be a good service; things get missed, poor quality filters, oils, and parts are used and ultimately the car will be worse off for it. Choose Dynamic Performance Auto as we offer the standards expected by BMW and dealership levels of service at a price to suit most budgets. In fact, Dynamic Performance Auto actually uses the recommended servicing systems, techniques, parts and technology that BMW do so you can rest assured your classic 2002’s are in safe hands. Classic BMW service varies depending on the car and the type of service needed. It makes sense that you choose us and get what’s best for your car. So if your service indicator lights have appeared on your dashboard, or if you are well organized and you know you are reaching a time or mileage limit where you need to get you classic BMW service, contact us.