Mercedes Service Repair in Manhattan Beach, California

Dynamic Performance auto is your preferred Mercedes service repair facility in Manhattan Beach, CA. We specialize in everything from major repairs to general routine maintenance. Our job is to ensure that your Mercedes Benz is trouble free and fun to drive. Mercedes Benz is renowned for comfort and features we have come to expect from a luxury car. Maintenance and Services may include:

  • Oil Changes
  • Fluid Maintenance(Transmission, Cooling System, Brake System, and Power Steering)
  • Brake Inspections
  • Tire Rotations
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • A/C and Heating Systems

Mercedes service repair for cars of all ages in Manhattan Beach, CA

In our Mercedes service repair, we recommend all models receive spark plug replacement every 60,000 miles under severe driving conditions. For models between 1998 to 2004 for the Mercedes service repair, we recommend transmission service every 60000 miles. For models between 2005 to 2012 for Mercedes service repair, we recommend the first transmission service every 39,000 miles, then every 60000 miles after that. For models 2013 to present we recommend 70,000 or 7 years. Mercedes service repair brake fluid flushes are recommended every 2 years.


Mercedes Service Repair in Manhattan Beach, California-Auto Repair-DPA

Older car Mercedes service repair requires to be done frequently because years and miles increase wear and tear on all moving parts of an automobile. Newer cars also use synthetic engine oil versus mineral oil. Synthetic engine oil, in conjunction with newer engine designs, allow for longer intervals between new car lubrication service schedules as compared to older Mercedes service repair. To protect your investment and help avoid unforeseen breakdowns, we recommend performing services and comprehensive maintenance inspections at specific mileage intervals. We have calculated a 5000-mile interval by factoring in the rate of the engine oil breakdown. When the engine oil’s protective qualities breakdown, it can trigger oil viscosity breakdown, engine sludge, and subsequently costly engine damage.

Best in town Mercedes service repair

Our technicians keep up to date with all of the new technological advancements in the Mercedes service repair industry. We use the latest Mercedes-Benz diagnosis equipment. We perform routine maintenance, oil changes, tire rotations, engine and transmission replacements, and much more. Rest assured, we will have your Mercedes service repair in no time and at an affordable price!

We understand our customers’ needs and we always go the extra mile to gain your business. Although we are an independent repair center, we do not like to compare ourselves with any other repair shop or Mercedes-Benz™ dealerships.  We aim to bring you the ultimate experience when it comes to Mercedes service repair at the best affordable price. We follow the factory recommendations, perform what your vehicle needs, and we make our prices competitive so that you do not have to pay higher costs. For more information feel free to contact dynamic auto performance!