Mercedes Benz Service: An Overview

Visiting a Mercedes Benz service center once a year or when the vehicle completes 10,000 miles is advisable. Taking your Mercedes to the nearest Mercedes Benz auto repair station helps you in the following ways:

  • Commendable performance for a longer period of time
  • Machinery remains in good condition
  • Regular checking of the engine, tire air pressure, belts, and hoses.
  • Pocket-friendly maintenance at regular intervals.

Mercedes Benz Service - BMW Car Service


Understanding Mercedes Benz Service Process

  • First of all, you must search for Mercedes Benz Service locations near your residence. Next, you need to schedule the service according to your own convenience. There are authorized Mercedes Benz Auto Repair shops that are ready you serve you accordingly.
  • Apart from the scheduled car servicing, numerous checks such as warning lamps, Poly-V belt, and climate control refrigerant are also looked at.
  • A scheduled maintenance of your Mercedes is a major factor that enhances its performance. Oil change is the first issue that is taken into account at the Mercedes Benz service center.
  • Mercedes comes equipped with a Mercedes Benz Maintenance System. This system record the miles driven or the time elapsed since the last service. The due date for Mercedes Benz Service is displayed on a multi-function display which reminds you beforehand.

Mercedes Benz Service - BMW Car Service

Mercedes Benz Services: Service A and Service B

Depending on the age and mileage of your Mercedes Benz there are two service provisions-

Service A and Service B. The flexible service system created by Mercedes divides your maintenance needs into service A and Service B two most commonly known services.

Mercedes Benz Service A

Mercedes Benz manufactured in 2009 or later will need servicing after completion of 10,000 miles or one year of purchase. Service A will include the following:-

  • Replacement of oil filter and synthetic motor oil;
  • Checking and correction of all fluid levels as recommended by the factory;
  • Checking and correcting tire pressure;
  • Inspection of the brakes for component problems;
  • Resetting maintenance counter.

While performing service A, vehicle’s specific features such as model number and year of production are taken into account.

Mercedes Benz Service - BMW Car Service


Mercedes Benz Service B

Just like Service A, the need for service B varies depending upon the specifics of Mercedes Benz. The vehicles manufactured after 2009 will require Service B when they complete 20,000 miles on road and then every 2 years or 20,000 miles after that.

Mercedes Benz service B will include –

  • Replacement of oil filter and Mercedes Benz synthetic motor oil;
  • Cabin Dust or Combination filter replacement;
  • Exchange of Brake fluids;
  • Checking and correction on all fluid levels
  • Tire inflation check and correction;
  • Brake component check;
  • Resetting the counter for the following service B visit.

Mercedes Benz Service - BMW Car Service

Tips for a better Mercedes Benz Service experience

A few points should be kept in mind before visiting a Mercedes Benz service center:

  • Make sure the right parts and the right fluids are used during your auto service at the Mercedes service center.
  • Always choose a well renowned Mercedes Benz Service Center which has experienced staff.
  • Choose the Mercedes Benz Auto Repair shops at servicing costs suited to most of the customers.

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