Mercedes Benz Service Essentials

Mercedes Benz Service Essentials

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car and demands proper professional service for the durability and safety of the owners. For seamless Mercedes Benz service, it is important to understand the underlying essentials for the service technicians. Essentials for service technicians include management of various parts of the car during auto service and repair operations.

Essentials for service technicians

For professional Mercedes Benz service, it is important for the service technicians to follow the right guide and rules which will help them to properly administer various operations in the workshop.

Mercedes Benz serviceFollowing are the essentials that the service technicians need to consider while supervising the service operations of a Mercedes Benz car.

  1. Hoses and Belts: If the condition of the hoses are spongy in nature or have thickened, it calls for their replacement. If not rectified timely, the hoses can burst abruptly and can cause alarming damage thereby incurring high service and repair costs to the owners. The belts need to be in smooth and flexible condition and any signs of nicks or cracks mean the belts need to be changed. It is also important to note that the cost will be higher if the belts fail during operation as it will require significant labor to fix the damage sustained.
  2. Fluids and Filters: Since the oil is vital for operations of each and every part, its quality determines the life of the car. It is important to check the oil levels and replace it if color, texture or the odor of the oil is not amicable. Moreover, the air and fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly as it carries all the dust and pollutants extracted from air and oil. As a result, the filters get chocked and may not work properly. The fluids are also degraded due to the heat absorbed from environment and vehicle maneuvers in engine and brakes. This adversely affects the transmission, steering and braking operations. The radiator also needs to flushed, cleaned and refilled on an annual basis.
  3. It has been estimated that around 80% of the tires used for non-commercial purposes in the United States are not properly inflated. Due to the lower pressures, the tire faces greater frictional resistance from the roads and as a result, it wears prematurely and might burst if the vehicle exceeds a certain speed limit. It also results in greater fuel consumption thereby increasing the running costs of the vehicle. Reports have suggested that it costs more than $600 a year in gas if the vehicle is running on improperly inflated tires. Hence it becomes really important on the part of service personnel to keep a check on the pressure of the tire and maintaining the recommended psi levels while delivering auto service and repair to the owner.
  4. Vehicle Peripheral Inspection: It is important for the service personnel to properly inspect the condition of the vehicle before and after the Mercedes Benz service It includes checking the condition of indicating lights, signals, and emergency flashers. Improper working of the lights can not only be dangerous for the owner who is driving the car, but also for the other cars moving around. The brake light indicator is the most vital signal for the following cars as a little confusion can lead to a fatal accident.
  5. UV protection lather: UV rays are harmful to the body of Mercedes Benz car and adversely affects both its exterior and interior parts. For protection, the car should be kept clean and wax to be applied on the exterior portion. For interior protection, the windows need to be tinted and can be treated with Armorall protection or leather treatment. The service personnel needs to inform the owners regarding the harmful effects of UV radiations on the vehicle and must persuade them for surface protection.

For longevity of your Mercedes Benz car, it is necessary to have a well-equipped auto service center like dynamic performance auto which takes immense care in following the aforementioned essentials in their service and maintenance operations.