Important Things You Should Know About a Mini Cooper Service

Important Things You Should Know About a Mini Cooper Service

A Mini Cooper is an iconic vehicle designed with distinctive features from other vehicles that it stands apart. If you own a Mini, you know what it feels like to have one and how much it takes to maintain it. Therefore, you should always get your Mini Cooper serviced at an authorized auto service center.

There are some important things you should be aware of when you own a Mini Cooper.

How often should you get your Mini Cooper serviced?

You should take your Mini to a service center at the completion of 10,000 miles. Although it may vary depending on the model, the year of production and engine type of your vehicle. You should never miss out on the regular service and maintenance schedules of your Mini. It is recommended for Mini Cooper S model, turbo and supercharged model owners to get the engine oil changed every 5,000 miles.

Are all Mini Cooper models Serviced in the same manner?

For all later model Mini Coopers, the service schedules are usually fixed on completion of every 10,000 miles. The late model Mini Coopers have inbuilt diagnostics to indicate maintenance schedule for filters, oils, and brakes etc. So, whenever your Mini gives an indicator, you should stop by an authorized Mini Cooper service center. The trained mechanics will tell you what is needed on your specific Mini Cooper model and service accordingly. To address and resolve the issues on your Mini efficiently, take it to an authorized Bosch certified car service center.

What’s Included in a Mini Cooper Service: Issues that Need your Attention

 There are certain indicators that tell you to immediately take your Mini Cooper to an auto service center.

  • The Check Engine Light: The check engine light notifies potential issues related to engine and transmission in your Mini. The latest Mini Cooper models have an engine management system tied to virtually all drive and power control modules. If the check engine light is on, it indicates there are emissions or engine efficiency issues. So if the light is illuminated, you should immediately visit an authorized Mini Cooper service center.
  • The AirBag Lights: If your Mini Cooper displays an airbag fault light, understand that your airbag system is disabled due to a system fault. If your Mini has an airbag fault light on, visit the nearest auto service center to get the issue addressed.
  • Need for New Brakes: The latest Mini Cooper models have inbuilt brake sensors on the right rear wheel and the left front wheel. The brake sensors notify you when your current Mini brakes need replacement. Stop by a Mini Cooper service center to have your brakes inspected and find out the possible solution.
  • The Problem in Shifting Gears: If your Mini has a manual transmission, you may face problems when shifting gears. So if your manual transmission faces shifting trouble or leaking fluid, you should take it for an auto service. Any transmission service of your Mini Cooper should be done at a qualified Mini Cooper service center in Manhattan Beach.

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