Difference between Mercedes Benz service A and Mercedes Benz service B

Every car should be serviced on a regular basis-even the high-quality Mercedes-Benz. Avoid breakdowns and unnecessary repairs by keeping your Mercedes in tip-top condition with regular service, inspections and repairs with the Flexible Service System offered by Mercedes-Benz i.e Mercedes Ben service A and Mercedes Benz Service B. You can choose from Schedule A and Schedule B. Your needs for maintenance are even divided into service selections. Plus, when it’s time for service, you’ll be alerted and you’ll know what the maintenance specialists will be doing on your car once you take it in. The Flexible Service System lets you know how to take care of your Mercedes and eliminates the guesswork for you. It’s even affordable.

Flexible Service System: Mercedes Benz Service A

Service Schedule A is based on where you drive, how you drive and other factors. Mercedes-Benz also takes into account the car’s specific features and services it accordingly. Generally, a Mercedes made after 2009 needs service after driving 10,000 miles on the road or after the first year. Then, it should be serviced every 20,000 miles or 2 years. With Service Schedule A:

  • Brakes are inspected for any issues, including components
  • Oil Filer and synthetic motor oil are changed
  • Tire pressure is checked and corrected
  • Fluid levels are checked and corrected
  • The counter for the next service visit is set

Mercedes Benz Service & Repair-Car Service- Dynamic Performance AutoFlexible Service System: Mercedes Benz Service B

The service on Schedule B is the same as Schedule A.

  • Oil filter and synthetic motor oil are replaced
  • Brakes are inspected
  • Tire pressure is checked and corrected
  • Fluid levels are modified according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • The service counter is reset for the next visit

The service system for Mercedes models with diesel is a bit different. Service intervals are different and additional services are performed. Your service advisor will provide you will all the details. Mercedes takes the time to keep its valued customers up to speed with specific information.

  • Fuel filter is replaced
  • The AdBlue fluid is replenished
  • All repairs are specific to the car’s model and year.

Mercedes cars made in 2015 by AMG® and vehicles with V12 engines have specific service needs. Be sure to consult with your service advisor about these unique needs. You’ll also need to follow their instructions on how to maintain the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz offers a full range of services for vehicles, in addition to maintenance instructions and care. Contact us today for more information on how to keep your Mercedes in premium condition. This way, it’s smooth sailing all the way, whether you’re just out cruising or on your way to the office. Save money on repairs with the Flexible Service System. Your Mercedes will also last longer with the Flexible Mercedes Benz Service A and Mercedes Benz Service B. For more information, feel free to contact us!