Importance of service representative’s communication skills at auto service centers

Auto service is not just performing few job operations on a car for repair and maintenance work. It encompasses total experience a customer receives from the time the car is provided to the service to center till the time of the next service. The experience of the customer starts from the time of entry into the auto service and repair center. First, the customers are greeted by the support staff which listens to their problems. The whole interaction leaves a lasting impression on the customer. If the customer feels comfortable after interacting with the staff, he or she will have a good impression regarding the quality of service provided. In case the staff is not well versed with the language and knowledge of the service, the customer might feel that the service center is not professional and might even give a second thought of getting the car repaired. For everlasting positive customer experience, it is therefore inevitable on the part of the service representatives to have a fluency in communication and thorough knowledge in service and maintenance. Following points must be taken into account for delivering quality service to the customer:

  1. Good listening skills:

    The advisors at auto service centers must understand the need for good listening skills. When a customer comes to an auto service center, he is not in a good mood as the car is already troubling him. In such a case, a good listener can always pacify the customer and soothe his emotions.

  2. Speaking and translating technical lingo:

    Most of the customers are not aware of the technical terms spoken by the service personnel. It is therefore important on the part of a service representative to use general terms to describe the repair and maintenance operations to the customer. It not only comforts the customer, but it becomes much easier to convince them for the repair work.

  3. Being a good salesperson:

    The service representative must have good sales skills and must be able to pitch in repair operations that the customer might not be aware of. Sometimes, the customers are not willing to spend a large amount of money on the repair of their car. However, the representative must make them aware of the criticality of their car’s condition and the necessity of the auto service and repair.

Communication skills at auto service centers | DynamicPerformanceAutoWhy customer service is so important in the auto service and repair industry?

Even though the primary duty of the auto service and repair center to completely remove all the issues present in the car and make it ready to be driven safely on the road. The servicemen need to be highly professional and technically sound to carry out successful repair and maintenance operations. However, the service is not only about changing brake oil or engine repair assignments. The service staff also needs to properly communicate with the customer. They must understand the value of delivering a quality experience to the customer. Some customers have a strong emotion attached to their car and they expect it to be treated properly and handled with care. Usually, customers have the impression that the service personnel do not pay much attention to this, and are very rough in handling the car. In such a situation, the trust of the customer gets broken. Therefore, it is important on part of service personnel to make customers feel comfortable and ensure that proper care of their car will be taken.

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