BMW Car Service: The Benefits of BMW Performance Upgrades

BMW Car Service: The Benefits of BMW Performance Upgrades

BMW car service adds more to the stellar design and unrivaled performance of this fantastic machine. If you take your BMW in for regular service and maintenance nothing more needs to be done. To get the best BMW car service, you need to find a Bosch authorized BMW service center.

If you want to enhance the power and performance level of your prized possession, some alterations are needed. The first step is to evaluate the modifications you can upgrade your BMW with. For BMW enthusiasts power, endurance, and heightened performance levels are the main areas of interest. There have been impressive technological developments that can increase your BMW’s world-class performance.

Before you begin considering BMW performance upgrades, let’s see how beneficial it would be. To take your BMW to the next level, think of these upgrades-

  • A New Cold Air Intake System: Increase your BMW’s performance by replacing the stock air intake system with an aftermarket air intake system. The cold air intake system is beneficial in that it improves the quality and acceleration of the car. Although BMWs have a powerful stock system replacing it with a cold air intake system is more efficient. The cold air intake system is installed on the exterior of the engine to draw more dense and oxygenated air inside. This, in turn, provides more power to your car’s engine.
  • Exhaust Systems: An upgraded exhaust system tends to provide more efficiency and power to the engine. The new exhaust system is installed alongside the cold air intake system in your BMW vehicle. The intake and exhaust system work together that is why both the parts need modification. When you upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system, it makes the air flow through your BMW engine more efficiently. It provides a clearer path for the used fuel and air combination to escape unobstructed.
  • Tuning and Programming: There are ways to upgrade the technologically-based performance parts in your BMW engine. You can tune and program your BMW to perform efficiently and give more power to the engine. This can be done through the Engine Control Unit in your car. Usually, the ECU is programmed and tuned to settings suitable for an average driver. When you know your BMW is more than just “average”, why not optimize the ECU. You should think of upgrading the tuners and programmers to alter your car’s ECU settings for a better performance.
  • Performance Suspension Parts: BMW’s suspension gives you the power of controlling the vehicle and gains stability at higher speeds. It also enables your BMW to accelerate more efficiently. Upgraded suspension parts like sway bars and coil springs, give your BMW better-performing power and rigidity.

How can BMW Manhattan Beach Service Center Help?

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